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Tech War

The cold war never ended, it evolved. Today's battle is for supremacy in technology, which shapes military power, the global economy, and people's daily lives. For decades, America had been losing ground in the cold-tech war; however, something changed in recent years. Starting in 2017, America began to decouple its technology sector from the rest of the world. TSMC Founder Moris Chang declared in December 2022 that "Globalization is almost dead. Free trade is almost dead." America's tech war is now in its second executive administration, and in a rare alignment of politics, all parties are in agreement on the strategy.


"You may be surprised to learn that microchips are the new oil—the scarce resource on which the modern world depends." - Chris Miller.
Semiconductors are at the heart of the battle, and the software and machines that enable a nation to build these devices are the tanks and bombs that will determine the outcome. What we are seeing unfold is America taking a warlike posture to control access to these technologies. Semiconductor patterning machines like lithography scanners are by far the most important example because they ultimately determine the computing power of a nation's semiconductor technology. The content on will focus on aggregating semiconductor-related press releases, news, and government actions to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the war.

How This Site Works

The back-end of this site is a web scrapper that searches a select group of web sites for new content. With respect to semiconductor press releases, this is the only place on the web where you will find a comprehensive compilation of this information. Timing is important. With the 24/7 news cycle, information that is more than a day old is ancient history. You will notice an "Age Bar" on each topic page that will indicate how old a news link is. During the busy news week, most links will be just a few hours old, and on the weekend, the timescale will adjust to the activity for that time period. Suggestions are welcome. If there is a site you'd like to have us aggregate, or a new category you'd like to have added, please reach out to us on social media with your idea.

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