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 Britain promises Ukraine more Brimstone missiles, training  - Britain is shipping 200 MBDA-built Brimstone missiles to the Ukraine, Grant Shapps said in a speech to Parliament.

 Sea bag tanker jacket, boat cloak for women proposed for Marine uniforms  - The commandant made one recommendation before voting got underway: to eliminate the requirement for women to wear pantyhose with dress uniform skirts.

 VA will no longer send veterans’ benefits to multiple bank accounts  - The change is expected to affect about 50,000 veterans currently using multiple accounts for their federal stipend payouts.

 Fincantieri teams with EDGE to sell to non-NATO countries  - The venture will aim to take advantage of the UAE’s relations with other states and the export credit financing it offers.

 Marines pass full financial audit, a first for any US military branch  - The Marine Corps was deemed by a third-party auditor to have a full accounting of all its assets and their financial values.

 Italian parliament OKs frigate, Leopard tank deals  - The new buys, approved Feb. 21, are part of a uptick in Italian military spending partly spurred by the Ukraine conflict.

 Europeans are building a war economy. Can they master it?  - Are vendors charging more now because they must, or because they can?

 More vets could be headed to DOD medical sites to get VA health care  - Leaders from the two departments are discussing allowing VA staff to move into unused space at more than a dozen military hospitals.

 Comparing Russian, Ukrainian forces two years into war  - Data from a recent military report offers a comparison between the military forces of the two countries.

 Chinese Jody hit with jail time after stealing military spouse  - A Chinese man was sentenced to 10 months in prison for ruining the marriage of a People’s Liberation Army soldier.

 Pentagon’s CJADC2 milestone is signal to China, officials say  - The Pentagon's connectivity campaign comes as China pursues its own version — or a countermeasure — known as Multi-Domain Precision Warfare.

 Russia’s maxed-out arms makers face labor, tech shortages  - As the war against Ukraine enters is third year, Moscow's carefully orchestrated image as a defense-industrial juggernaut is facing headwinds.

 National Guard Apache helicopter crashes in north Mississippi  - The status of the pilots remained unconfirmed as of Friday afternoon.

 Embraer sees strong demand for C-390 Millennium airlifter in Asia  - Officials said they plan to take the C-390 plane on display at the Singapore Airshow to other countries in the region before returning to Brazil.

 Army doctor faces charges he sexually assaulted 42 patients  - An Army doctor faces arraignment over charges that he sexually assaulted 42 male patients he treated while working as an anesthesiologist.

 Pentagon AI office must ‘cannibalize’ to keep operating, Martell says  - The U.S. Department of Defense sought $1.8 billion for artificial intelligence and machine learning in fiscal 2024.

 Navy chief could face severe sentence if convicted of espionage  - The Navy declined to clarify the status of Chief Fire Controlman (AEGIS) Bryce Steven Pedicini's case. The chief is facing espionage and other charges.

 Black soldiers wrongly executed for 1917 riot get new headstones  - The men's convictions were set aside by an Army review panel in November.

 US Army’s short-range air defense efforts face review board  - The Army is seeking approval for its short-range air defense requirements, which will solidify a program of record for the rapidly developed capability.

 Saab waits out political drama over sending Gripen fighters to Ukraine  - Sweden's NATO membership, held up by Hungary, is one of the obstacles still on the table.