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 Stark Industries Solutions: An Iron Hammer in the Cloud  - The homepage of Stark Industries Solutions.

 A journey into forgotten Null Session and MS-RPC interfaces  - This is the first part of the research, devoted to null session vulnerability, unauthorized MS-RPC interface and domain user enumeration.

 Stealers, stealers and more stealers  - In this report, we discuss two new stealers: Acrid and ScarletStealer, and an evolution of the known Sys01 stealer, with the latter two dividing stealer functionality across several modules.

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 New Frontiers, Old Tactics: Chinese Espionage Group Targets Africa & Caribbean Govts  - The China-linked threat actor known as Sharp Panda has expanded their targeting to include governmental organizations in Africa and the Caribbean as part of an ongoing cyber espionage campaign. "The campaign adopts Cobalt Strike Beacon as the payload, enabling backdoor functionalities like C2 communication...

 CentroMed suffers data security incident, 400K patients exposed  - The San Antonio-based primary care clinic CentroMed has suffered a data security incident, revealing the personally identifiable information (PII) of approximately 400,000 patients.

 Windows 11 24H2 now rolling out to Release Preview Insiders  - Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 24H2 to testers in the Release Preview Channel, confirming that it is in the final stages of testing.

 Rockwell Advises Disconnecting Internet-Facing ICS Devices Amid Cyber Threats  - Rockwell Automation is urging its customers to disconnect all industrial control systems (ICSs) not meant to be connected to the public-facing internet to mitigate unauthorized or malicious cyber activity. The company said it's issuing the advisory due to "heightened geopolitical tensions and adversarial...

 Fake Antivirus Websites Deliver Malware to Android and Windows Devices  - Threat actors have been observed making use of fake websites masquerading as legitimate antivirus solutions from Avast, Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes to propagate malware capable of stealing sensitive information from Android and Windows devices. "Hosting malicious software through sites which look legitimate...

 Google fixes eighth actively exploited Chrome zero-day this year  - Google has released a new emergency security update to address the eighth zero-day vulnerability in Chrome browser confirmed to be actively exploited in the wild.

 Ransomware Attacks Exploit VMware ESXi Vulnerabilities in Alarming Pattern  - Ransomware attacks targeting VMware ESXi infrastructure following an established pattern regardless of the file-encrypting malware deployed. "Virtualization platforms are a core component of organizational IT infrastructure, yet they often suffer from inherent misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, making...

 Microsoft spots gift card thieves using cyber-espionage tactics  - Microsoft has published a "Cyber Signals" report sharing new information about the hacking group Storm-0539 and a sharp rise in gift card theft as we approach the Memorial Day holiday in the United States.

 CISA Warns of Actively Exploited Apache Flink Security Vulnerability  - The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Thursday added a security flaw impacting Apache Flink, the open-source, unified stream-processing and batch-processing framework, to the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities ( KEV ) catalog, citing evidence of active exploitation. Tracked...

 Why IT service desks can be open targets for threat actors  - IT service desks have become a popular target over the past year in social engineering attacks. Learn more from Specops Software on the best practices orgs should follow to secure their help desks.

 10 Years in Prison for $4.5 million BEC Scammer Who Bought Ferrari to Launder Money  - A scammer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for laundering over US $4.5 million obtained by targeting businesses and the elderly with Business Email Compromise ( BEC) and romance fraud scams. Malachi Mullings, a 31-year-old from Sandy Springs, Georgia, was charged with opening 20 bank accounts...

 LastPass is now encrypting URLs in password vaults for better security  - LastPass announced it will start encrypting URLs stored in user vaults for enhanced privacy and protection against data breaches and unauthorized access.

 News analysis Q&A: Shake up of the SIEM, UEBA markets continues as LogRhythm-Exabeam merge  - It’s easy to compile a checklist on why the announced merger of LogRhythm and Exabeam could potentially make strategic sense.

 Courtroom Software Backdoored to Deliver RustDoor Malware in Supply Chain Attack  - Malicious actors have backdoored the installer associated with courtroom video recording software developed by Justice AV Solutions (JAVS) to deliver malware that's associated with a known backdoor called RustDoor . The software supply chain attack, tracked as CVE-2024-4978 , impacts JAVS Viewer v8.3.7,...

 Microsoft pushes emergency fix for Windows Server 2019 update errors  - Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band (OOB) update for Windows Server 2019 that fixes a bug causing 0x800f0982 errors when attempting to install the May 2024 Patch Tuesday security updates.

 JAVS courtroom recording software backdoored in supply chain attack  - Attackers have backdoored the installer of widely used Justice AV Solutions (JAVS) courtroom video recording software with malware that lets them take over compromised systems.

 Apple wasn’t storing deleted iOS photos in iCloud after all  - Security researchers reverse-engineered Apple's recent iOS 17.5.1 update and found that a recent bug that restored images deleted months or even years ago was caused by an iOS bug and not an issue with iCloud.

 Northern Ireland police faces £750k fine after exposing staff info  - UK's Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has announced the intention to impose a fine of £750,000 ($954,000) on the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) for exposing the entire workforce's personal details by inadvertently publishing a spreadsheet file online.

 Ivanti Patches Critical Remote Code Execution Flaws in Endpoint Manager  - Ivanti on Tuesday rolled out fixes to address multiple critical security flaws in Endpoint Manager (EPM) that could be exploited to achieve remote code execution under certain circumstances. Six of the 10 vulnerabilities – from CVE-2024-29822 through CVE-2024-29827 (CVSS scores: 9.6) – relate to SQL...

 Microsoft outage affects Bing, Copilot, DuckDuckGo and ChatGPT internet search  - A massive Microsoft outage in some regions affects, Copilot for web and mobile, Copilot in Windows, ChatGPT internet search and DuckDuckGo.

 Bruised Tesla owner gets scare after self-driving mode fails to see passing train  - A Tesla owner from Ohio has posted a disturbing video clip. His vehicle didn’t notice a passing train until the very last moment, suddenly turning right and crashing into the crossing gate. The owner says this is the second time this has happened at different railroad crossings while the Tesla was in...

 Criminal IP expands reach with seamless integration on AWS Marketplace  - AI SPERA announced today that its IP address intelligence engine, Criminal IP, is now available on AWS Marketplace.