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 Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/1/2024 [PM]  - Monday, April 1, 2024 Steve Bannon hosted the Monday evening WarRoom program. Highlights: Steve Bannon discussed various political developments, including biased media coverage and efforts to tarnish Trump’s image, in the segment “This Is Pure Election Interference.” He emphasized Trump’s resilience...

 Be Careful With Your Free Speech  - Is Free Speech Too Dangerous? Keep Your Safety on! Cartoon published APRIL FOOLS DAY, 2024 My dad made sure we learned the safety rules before any of us kids could shoot his rifles at a shooting range. I remember firing his Winchester .308, which was pre-1964—meaning it was manufactured before those...

 Today's Must-Reads - 1 April 2024  - A selection of the latest news, studies, reports and articles

 Biden Lays An Egg  - Biden Lays An Egg; Trans Easter Insanity Cartoon Published 03/31/2024 President Biden chose March 31st, Easter Sunday, to proclaim as the “Transgender Day Of Visibility.” Biden had 364 days out of the year to choose from and he chose March 31st which happened to be the same day as Easter this year....

 Larry Talks To Nima...  - ... Crocus-city, SMO, NATO.

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 Michael Ramirez: Cut!!! 04-01-24  - From America's Premier Editorial Cartoonist

 Jacques Baud and the Russian Way of War  - I wanted to do a relatively brief post mostly devoted to this extraordinary new talk by Jacques Baud with the Duran folks, Mercouris and Christoforou: If you haven\u2019t seen this yet, watch at least the first half hour, or a little more, which is the most profoundly meaningful stretch. Incidentally,...

 Michael Ramirez: Kennedy's Choice 03-31-24  - From America's Premier Editorial Cartoonist

 Sunday Strip: Easter 2024 -  - and April fools!

 This Week's Must Reads - 25-31 March 2024  - A summary of this week's most interesting news, studies, reports and articles

 Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/1/2024 [AM]  - Monday, April 1, 2024 Steve Bannon hosted the Saturday morning WarRoom program. Highlights: The Monday morning WarRoom show covered various topics, starting with Steve Bannon discussing recent events that underscored the significance of the ongoing election and the nation’s trajectory, including President...

 Bill Holter – In 2009 Recession Something Big Was Missed, China Sets The Gold Price  - Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store precious metals .The [CB] is running out of ammunition, they will not be able to keep it together. In 2009 recession something big was missed, this is how they kept the system running, this

 March Subscription Drive  - A shamefully shameless reminder

 [DS] Insurgency Is Exposed To The People, Patriot Plan Is Becoming Clearer, Freedom – Ep. 3318  - Watch The X22 Report On Video Canada is in trouble, Trudeau knows it and is admitting that there are problems in the economy, remember he caused the problems. Moody’s sends out warning on how the Baltimore disaster will cause problems in the economy. Fed rejects FOIA request on gold. The